Ageless Desire*

Ageless Desire*
Ageless Desire*
Item# 17-2027

Product Description

Great Sex For Couples Over 50!

Barnaby B. Barratt, Ph.D., Juliet Anderson

Ageless Desire features three truly committed couples, all over the age of fifty, who continue to experience passionate and fulfilling sexual relations. They enjoy kissing, caressing, oral-genital pleasuring, vaginal and when desired, anal intercourse. In the first demonstration, Rachel & Max, both busy executives, treat themselves to a romantic evening of champagne, candlelight and playful teasing with his expert touch giving her a great orgasm. Then, Shell & Richard show a morning ritual of gentle kisses, caresses and soft penis stimulation which allows them to experience multiple orgasms. And, with our third couple, Kim & Stuart, she uses an ingenious method to show her desire, which leads to a variety of lovemaking positions for oral, genital and anal intercourse. Ageless Desire shows that, with imagination and knowledge, sex can continue to be wild and wonderful as we advance in years. This program offers both men and women suggestions and erotic imagery to achieve the ultimate sexual pleasures for their entire life. DVD; 55 Min.

Juliet Anderson has been a leading sex educator for over 20 years. She is a strong and out-spoken advocate of good sex for health and happiness. Ms. Anderson teaches women and men how to joyfully embrace their full sensual and sexual potential.