Self-Pleasuring - Improve Your Sexual Response

Discover a greater sexual empowerment and achieve a new level of pleasure by awakening the 'natural sexual energy' that is within us all.

Becoming Orgasmic*
This therapist-developed and doctor-approved program offers the proven techniques thousands of women have used to achieve orgasm.
DVD; 83 min.
Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure*
Tantric techniques for men about how to unlock their natural sexual energy and achieve the highest plateaus of orgasm. DVD; 75 Min.
Fire On The Mountain*
This instructive video introduces and celebrates the erotic facet of male massage that has been overlooked and ignored for too long. DVD; 180 Min.
Solo Sex : Extended Pleasure For Men*
The ultimate definition of pleasure! Achieve more powerful orgasms and maximize the solo experience. DVD; 60 Min.
A Lover's Guide To Self Pleasuring*
From the bestselling Better Sex Video Library. DVD;
60 Min.