Solo Male Ecstasy:
The Man's Guide
to Self-Pleasure*

Solo Male Ecstasy: The Man's Guide to  Self-Pleasure*
Solo Male Ecstasy: The Man's Guide to Self-Pleasure*
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Product Description

• Learn to Experience More Powerful Orgasms
• Maximize The Solo Experience
• Achieve More Powerful Orgasms
• The Maximum Orgasmic Release

For a man, masturbation is one of the most spiritual rituals that he can perform to heighten the focus of his mind and to bring sexual relaxation to his body. In the act of self-loving a man explores the mental and physical contours of his personal pleasure and with experience he learns to blend each technique into the ultimate definition of his sexual expression. This well crafted guide to self-pleasure has been designed to introduce men to a series of advanced pleasure building techniques that can take them on a journey to the extraordinary climax of a continuum of contractions that can consume the entire body and mind. Included are special methods that can maximize your personal gratification and lead to greater and prolonged sexual pleasure for you and your partner. Learn to consciously examine and evaluate your sexual arousal patterns and experience the most sensational orgasms you've ever imagined.
DVD; 60 Min.

DVD features include:
• Digitally Remastered • Full Chapter Selection • More Powerful Orgasms • Genital Massage • Prolonging Erections • Potency Techniques

R. M. Karchmer, M.S. is a veteran educator and a leading advocate of the practice of safe sex. He helped pioneer the teaching of sex education in the New York City public school system. His resumé includes training in counselling, zoology and kinesiology (the study of the principles of the mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement). Mr Karchmer is a student of meditation and is currently engaged as a producer and consultant to the broadcast industry on the promotion of sexual health.